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Draw and Play - a new exciting game!

This game is suitable for both children and adults!

Draw and Play - a new arcade game based on a platformer with drawing elements!

In the game, you play as a stickman, and your job is to get out of the notebook! At the levels, you encounter many obstacles. And also a lot of game modes! Such as: free, for a time, for 2 players, with restrictions, and on the ingenuity . Each level is more interesting than the previous one!

In this game you will find yourself in the place of Sam, who liked to draw on the lessons. And one day the teacher noticed this and took out the notebook!

Save the stickman until the teacher has destroyed the notebook!


All levels are passable!

Each level has a minimum of 2 solutions!

In addition to the basic 24 levels, there are 2 extra, and 2 secret levels - which you can find during the game!

Also there is a level where 2 gamblers can play together on one level!


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Install instructions

Have fun games!


Draw and Play.exe 11 MB


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good game

good Bad game

Deleted 357 days ago

Can you clarify the reason?

it's been a week i forgot how bad it is but i will download it some day to tell you how it's bad or maybe after downloading it i will think it's good

My art for this game.

Very good, thanks you)